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    With just three distilleries remaining in the region, Campbeltown makes up for what it lacks in quantity by producing distinctive, quality whisky. Historically the remote island was home to 34 distilleries, when the difficult access discouraged the tax man from paying too much attention and the distinctive whisky style generated an early following earning it the moniker of ‘The Whisky Capital of the World.’ The first world war and prohibition were the start of a steady decline through the 20th century, where only Springbank and Glen Scotia survived.

    The last 15-20 years has seen a revival of distilling on the iconic island and the reopening of Glengyle in 2004 is seen as an encouraging sign for Campbeltown whiskies.

    Campbeltown whiskies are known for the brine flavours generated as the casks are matured in warehouses by the sea, combined with smoke and bitter notes of vanilla, toffee and dried fruit.