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    The Highlands region covers the largest part of Scotland. Even with the more recent sub-division of the region to separate Speyside and the island regions, there is considerable variation within the character of Highlands whisky.

    Traditionally Highlands whisky isn’t as sweet as those from Speyside, doesn’t have as many brine and sea flavours as the Island regions, and is thought of as more robust than whisky from the Lowlands. However, the Highland’s region covers most of central Scotland, stretching from mountain tops and rolling fens to the seashore. So you can expect each distillery to be influenced by their micro-locality in flora, water source and climate, not to mention their personal history and traditions. In turn the whisky each distillery creates will reflect that as well, creating a highly diverse region of whisky.

    The Orkney Islands are officially included within the Highlands whisky region but some people choose to represent them as a sixth region.