Distillers Edition Miniature Set Glenkinchie, Oban, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Cragganmore, Lagavulin 50ml bottles With Presentation Box

Classic Malts SKU: CS694
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Distillers Edition Miniature Set Glenkinchie, Oban, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Cragganmore, Lagavulin 50ml bottles With Presentation Box
Worldwide Shipping
Distillers Edition Miniature Set Glenkinchie, Oban, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Cragganmore, Lagavulin 50ml bottles With Presentation Box
Worldwide Shipping
Distillers Edition Miniature Set Glenkinchie, Oban, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Cragganmore, Lagavulin 50ml bottles With Presentation Box

Distillers Edition Miniature Set Glenkinchie, Oban, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Cragganmore, Lagavulin 50ml bottles With Presentation Box

Classic Malts SKU: CS694
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Distillers Edition Miniature Set

This is a collection of 6 50ml miniatures: Glenkinchie 43%, Oban 43%, Dalwhinnie 43%, Talisker 45.8%, Cragganmore 40%, Lagavulin 43%


In very good condition. Capsule and label are very good examples of this collection. Any defects are only commensurate with age and as such is a very good bottle for any collection.

Glenkinchie Distillery

Glenkinchie was built by the Rate brothers in 1837, but was closed in 1853 when the brothers went bankrupt. The distillery then became a sawmill. However, in 1881 a group of investors from Edinburgh rescued the distillery. In 1914 the distillery joined Scottish Malt Distillers. Scottish Malt Distillers and DCL merged and later became Diageo, and the distillery remains in the firm to this day. 

In 1998, Glenkinchie was selected as the lowland representative for the Classic Malts Collection.

Oban Distillery

Oban distillery was built as a brewery in 1793. Official records state that whisky was first distilled at the site in 1799. After a few ownership changes, the distillery began to prosper, even more so in 1888 when a railway from Glasgow was extended to Oban allowing for ease of transport for goods and workers. After a brief period of closure in the late 1960s, Oban emerges as a single malt, culminating in a limited edition 1969 32 year old release in 2002. 

Dalwhinnie Distillery

In Gaelic, Dalwhinnie means ‘the meeting place’. Apt, considering that the settlement was an important crossroads in Speyside. A distillery was built at Dalwhinnie 1897 under the name Strathspey. The distillery was renamed Dalwhinnie a year later. DCL (now part of Diageo) acquired the distillery in 1926. 

Despite a distillery fire and a period of mothballing Dalwhinnie has endured. After a multi-million pound refurbishment in the early 1990s Dalwhinnie continues to produce a heavy and sulphury new make spirit that was chosen as the Highland representative in the Classic Malts Collection in 1998. 

Dalwhinnie also holds the title of the coldest settlement in the UK with a yearly average temperature of just 6 degrees.

Talisker Distillery

Talisker distillery is located on the stunning Isle of Skye on the north-west coast of Scotland. It was founded in 1830 by the MacAskill brothers. After decades of ownership changes, Alexander Grigor Allan and Roderick Kemp (of Macallan fame) take over operation of the distillery. Kemp sold his share in 1892 and Allan died in 1895, leaving the distillery in the hands of Thomas Mackenzie and the newly-formed Talisker Distillery Company until 1916, when John Walker & Sons took over. In 1928, Talisker’s triple distillation regime is ended.

A fire in 1960 causes major damage, and the distillery is closed for two years. From here the distillery’s luck seems to change. A visitor’s centre is opened in 1988 and the distillation equipment is upgraded in 1998. Today, Talisker attracts over 60,000 visitors a year - a testament to the quality of the whisky and the beauty of the remote location.

Cragganmore Distillery

Cragganmore distillery began as a passion project by infamous Scotch whisky distiller, John Smith, who had previously managed at the likes of Glenlivet & Macallan. Smith built Cragganmore distillery in a perfect riverside location with the Strathspey railway in close proximity, making trade and transport much easier than it had been in the past.

The distillery was run by Smith’s descendants after his death in 1886 until 1923 when business partners Macpherson-Granr and White Horse Distillers purchased the site. 

In 2023, the distillery is owned by Diageo and remains integral to many Scotch whisky blends. As a single malt, it has flown somewhat under the radar.

Lagavulin Distillery

Lagavulin is Diageo’s unexpected star. When the Lagavulin 16 Year Old was selected to be part of Diageo’s Classic Malts selection, no one could have predicted how quickly the public would fall in love with Lagavulin’s heavily smoked style. The Lagavulin 16 Year Old is now a firm favourite Islay whisky all over the world, and demand for Lagavulin whisky has soared.

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卢森堡 (LU) – £25
摩纳哥 (MC) – £30
马耳他 (MT) – £35
荷兰 (NL) – £25
挪威(NO)——40 英镑


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澳门(MO) - £50
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台湾 (TW) – £50
日本 (JP) – 50 英镑
马来西亚(MY)——50 英镑
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